Current Status of Massage Therapy Regulation

Several years ago, the Manitoba government changed its legislation requirements and many regulated health professions had to amend their legislation to comply. Manitoba Health and Seniors have since been rewriting many College guidelines.

It is likely that by 2022, the NHPC and other associations in Manitoba will be preparing the documents required to move forward with regulation.


The NHPC and the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM) have been collaborating on regulation for many years. In 2015, their collective effort resulted in the government accepting the recommendation to regulate massage therapy.

Since the government accepted the recommendation, the NHPC and MTAM have provided an updated report to the government addressing key issues, including:

  • educational standards for applicants/members
  • levels of therapist competency
  • entry requirements
  • review of costs, expenses, and fee structure for the College

For more information on the continued work between the NHPC and MTAM, read our joint Summary on Regulation of Massage Therapy in Manitoba (PDF).